• Le foucaldien relaunched as Genealogy+Critique

    Le foucaldien relaunched as Genealogy+Critique

    Posted by G+C Editors on 2022-01-24

From 2022, the peer-reviewed, open-access journal Le foucaldien, published by the London-based Open Library of Humanities (OLH), and the affiliated foucaultblog appear under the new title GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE at genealogy-critique.net. The relaunch broadens the scope of the journal and its blog by including various approaches of historical-genealogical research and critical theory formation.

GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE focuses on genealogical scholarship and a broad conception of critical theory. Combining historical and systematic forms of inquiry, the interdisciplinary journal fosters critical analyses of the present written in English, German, or French. It also aims at confronting historical-genealogical and critical theory approaches with concepts and methods in more recent fields of knowledge such as media studies, digital humanities, science and technology studies, as well as postcolonial, gender, and race studies.

The journal's publisher, the Open Library of Humanities, is a nonprofit organization financed by an international consortium of academic institutions. Due to its noncommercial orientation, the OLH does not charge any author fees. All articles published in GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE are peer-reviewed, available open access under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0, indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (among other databases), and archived for the long term in HTML, PDF, and XML.

The journal is published as a continuous volume and issue throughout the year. Articles go online as soon as they are ready to avoid unnecessary delays in making knowledge publicly available. Special collections are published as part of the normal volumes, but also on separate web pages. GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE is edited by Simon Ganahl, Maurice Erb, Stephanie Marx, Sergej Seitz, and Anna Wieder, who are supported by an advisory board of highly renowned scholars.

Succeeding the foucaultblog, the G+C Blog continues to post announcements related to the activities of GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE. It also keeps publishing shorter essays, interventions, and commentaries by guest authors. While GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE is positioned as a high-quality academic journal, the G+C Blog is an explicitly open platform providing a digital space for more experimental and subjective forms of writing.

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