"Poetiken der Infrastruktur" oder Foucault und Materialität



This article reviews the lectures delivered at the international conference "Poetics of Infrastructure" in Vienna on December 13, 2014. The author first discusses material concepts in Foucault, especially the panopticon as a dispositif, and then proceeds to media-archaeological approaches and the emergence of infrastructure studies. The article finally gives a brief overview of the talks held by Gabriele Schabacher, Urs Stäheli, Shannon Mattern, Anton Tantner, Monika Dommann, Anette Baldauf, Rory Solomon, and Christian Ganahl.

Keywords: archaeology, digital media, dispositif, infrastructure, materiality, panopticon, Foucault

How to Cite: Ganahl, S. (2015) “"Poetiken der Infrastruktur" oder Foucault und Materialität”, Genealogy+Critique. 1(1). doi: